jasman arifin

name Jasman Arifin is blessed with two beautiful autistic children. Since he learned their diagnosis, he sets out to learn everything he could about autism so that he could be a better advocate for his children. If you want to know more about raising an autistic child, visit his site at http://www.autism.knowaboutthis.com

Disciplining an Asperger Child

08th May 2007
An Asperger child may throw tantrum or behave aggressively when he is disappointed or frustrated as other children do. But he is not doing it intentionally, because as an Asperger child, he is unable to understand that other people have thoughts and feeli... Read >

Sensory Activities for Autistic Children

25th April 2007
We learn through our senses. Our basic survival also based on our senses. We would immediately remove our hand when it accidentally touch something hot. Unconsciously, we learn and survive through our senses. But children with autism commonly have problem... Read >